• 2022

    Kwanzaa Events

    Celebrate Kwanzaa with the community. Many events listed through Kwanzaadc.org will include a Zoom link.

  • kwanzaaDC Presents


    Reuniting, Reconnecting and Renewal It is now quite evident that we as a global African Community, in spite of many intractable challenges and seemingly insurmountable hardships, are surviving the  2020-2022 Covid-19 crisis. The physical, psychological and emotional toll that many of our communities, families, especially elders and children have experienced has been truly devastating and harmful. Black people are to be commended and applauded for withstanding the untruths, misconceptions, false information and devious theories that we have been constantly bombarded and inundated with.  Given our current situation and the glaring plight of the African Community at this juncture, our Kwanzaa Theme: “Reuniting, Reconnecting and Renewal”  becomes all the more essential and…